#TBT ♥♥♥

things to do instead of fight with each other on Instagram all day long (except don’t really jump off a cliff… jk about that 1


New / Old photo of Ariana behind the scenes of a photoshoot


Hey, what’s haddnin lil bitch? Ya niggas hiring?


One American is killed by ISIS and people are going crazy. What about the thousands of innocent Iraqis & Syrians that were killed over the past few years?

What happened to James Foley is barbaric, not because he is American, but because he is innocent. Just like the people of Iraq & Syria who are being told to ‘convert to Islam or die!’ Innocent people are being killed and their nationality should be irrelevant.

Wake up and smell the bloodshed America. ISIS need to be stopped.



um I have left my bathroom door open while showering multiple times and my dad hasn’t tried to fuck me yet, why does porn lie to me like this